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Reaching through America’s chaos to find common ground

Reaching through America’s chaos to find common ground

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A house divided against itself cannot stand. Which means if America was a house, it would be on the brink of collapse. 

In an age where teenagers use weapons of war to target the vulnerable in Buffalo and Texas. At a time when a man on our highest court is influenced by a wife who spreads lies. At a time when the battles we’ve fought for equality are under attack by that court, America is divided in ways that won’t soon be repaired. 

And if we want to survive this as a nation, we are going to have to stop fighting and find common ground. Can we agree we don’t want our children to be murdered in school? Good. That’s common ground. Can we agree that it’s good for businesses and customers if grocery stores are safe? Good. That’s common ground. Can we agree that we want a government that makes life easier, not harder? Good. That’s common ground. 

For Blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives, young and old, rich and poor, all those things are common interests, common goals, common ground. So, let’s stand together around those things, and repair the sickness that’s killing us. 

I know standing together is too difficult for some, so those who can’t do it — stand off to the side while the rest of us get to work. Because we don’t have long to do this. We have to make sure laws are applied evenly, and opportunities are shared liberally, and lives are viewed equally. We have to make sure that employment is available, that parenting is commendable, and all of us are teachable. 

No longer can we let one man divide us so that he can conquer. We have to find our common ground, meet somewhere in the middle, and unite, so we can live. 

Photo: American By. Thomas Hawk

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