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If you’re not active against Trump, you’re part of the problem

If you’re not active against Trump, you’re part of the problem

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I’m concerned that our president is only now being denounced as a racist.

It’s not that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve that label. It’s just that those currently criticizing Trump’s racist tendencies have spent too much time in denial.

We should not have needed numerous sources accusing Trump of calling African countries shitholes to determine he is a racist. Trump’s history of racism is long and well-documented. But so is America’s. That’s why it’s so galling to watch politicians ranging from former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner denounce Trump’s comments as un-American.

In truth, Trump’s racism is profoundly American, because America is a racist country.

Racism built America’s wealth through brutal African enslavement. Racism supported the subjugation of black sharecroppers after the Civil War. Racism drove home the Jim Crow laws designed to create a permanent black underclass. Racism was enforced through state-sanctioned violence carried out by lynch mobs and police.

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