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The cold truth about winter fashion ideas

The cold truth about winter fashion ideas

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WINTER fashion ideas can be tricky, because no matter what you do to make that puffy coat look nice, you still end up resembling the Michelin Man. That’s just the way it is, and most of us have learned to live with it.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who refuse to accept winter’s fashion limitations. Grown women tiptoe through the snow in high heels. Men wear windbreakers when it’s five below zero. Fools don slippery shoes the day after an ice storm. But, no matter how reckless we are as adults, teenagers have us beat when it comes to fashion foolishness.

The other day, it was 12 degrees, and I saw a young man wearing sagging pants that revealed the state of his underwear. They were dingy at best, and downright dirty at worst. Days later I saw a group of boys wearing hoodies without jackets. It was 20 degrees. I know those fools were cold. As bad as those things were, however, I’ve seen worse. And I’ve seen it from my own child.

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(Featured illustration by Richard Harrington)