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Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new

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Solomon Jones (Photo by Milton Perry)

SOLOMON IS a writer and a father, which means he’s broke. You can’t change it, but you can make it bearable. Join the family. (Photo by MIlton Perry)

FOR MORE THAN 20 years, my family has been the inspiration behind my stories. But you’re the ones who’ve made it possible for me to write about the hilarious moments we’ve shared. That’s why I’m inviting you, my readers, to join the family.

At the new, we’ll continue to share the stories that move you. Unfortunately I’ll still be broke, because I’m a dad, and being broke is my job. Even so, I’ll have a smile on my face, and a smile is worth at least a dollar. That’s enough to buy half a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

As part of the family, your job is to help me keep smiling. You can do that by reading my mindless drivel, sharing it with your friends, and commenting on the site so I know you’re there. When it’s really important, your job will be to take action; to do something; to make a difference for the families that aren’t as fortunate as ours.

As part of the family you’ll have access to discussions and events, you’ll have the chance to win prizes, and you’ll be the first to see Solomon Jones exclusives. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with the people who’ve kept me crazy for all these years.

My wife, LaVeta, the woman who has made a career of bossing me around, will finally get the chance to tell other people what to do. Her advice column, The Opinionated Housewife, will debut on  Photographer Tieshka Smith will share artistic insights that reflect the meaning of family. Guest contributors will spur discussion. Commenters will set them straight. And Daily News cartoonist Richard Harrington will continue to capture the insanity of Solomon Jones in living color.

Along the way, you’ll share the work I’ve written for national publications. You’ll share ideas for future stories. And you’ll have access to the critically-acclaimed books that you’ve enjoyed for more than a decade.

Welcome to the all-new We’re glad you decided to join the family, and since we’re related now, we might as well make it official. I’m broke. Can you loan me five bucks?

Featured photo by Jessica Griffin