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Why Trump’s sudden interest in Syrian deaths?

Why Trump’s sudden interest in Syrian deaths?

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IN ITS LATEST bid to confuse the world community, the Trump administration has accused the Syrian and Russian governments of – you guessed it – trying to confuse the world community.

 The latest accusation to come out of the Trump administration is that Russia helped Syria cover up chemical weapons still in the country. That assertion, made by senior administration officials to CNN, could very well be true. It’s also possible that Russia, which has denied having advance knowledge of a chemical attack that killed at least 87 people in Syria, knows nothing about it. OK, maybe that’s not possible.

But one thing is certain in all this: President Trump’s sudden interest in protecting Syrian civilians, along with his administration’s new tough-guy stance with the Russians, could not have come at a better time for Trump.

The president’s approval ratings were extremely low when a chemical attack – allegedly launched by the Syrian government – killed Syrian civilians in a rebel-held area of the country. Trump, reversing his long-held stance that America should stay out of the Syrian civil war, retaliated against the Syrian government by ordering a missile strike at the airfield from which the chemical attack allegedly was launched.
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Photo: A Syrian refugee filling an application at the UNHCR registration center in Tripoli, Lebanon. Mohamed Azakir, World Bank/ Flickr Creative Commons

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