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Top 5 Live-Wednesday December 16

Top 5 Live-Wednesday December 16

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Top 5 Live-WURD Wednesday December 16
1. Los Angeles unified school district shuts schools after bomb threat 

America’s two largest school districts received similar threatening emails on Tuesday, but reacted in opposite ways: New York shrugged it off, while Los Angeles shut down more than 1,000 schools.

 2. GOP debate focuses on terrorism threat

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump fiercely defended the most controversial proposal of his six-month campaign: temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the United States.

 3. Blacks fail Philly police psych screening more than whites

Earlier this year, African-American police officers’ groups contended that the Philadelphia Police Department’s psychological screening was eliminating a lot of black applicants.

Data recently provided by the department suggest that the critics are right.

 4. Freddie Gray jurors deadlocked, judge says keep deliberating

Jurors said they were deadlocked Tuesday as they weighed manslaughter and other charges against a police officer in the death of Freddie Gray. The judge told them to keep deliberating and they went home for the night without reaching a verdict.

 5. Missouri bill would revoke scholarships if student-athletes strike

A state legislator is proposing that student-athletes lose their scholarships if they go on strike, in response to a threat by Missouri Tigers football players to not play because of the administration’s handling of racial discrimination complaints on campus.

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