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Top 5 Live-March 2

Top 5 Live-March 2

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Top 5 Live –WURD Monday March 2
 1. Millennials could be political force in Philadelphia, if they voted

For years, Philadelphia fretted about the “brain drain” – college students leaving town as soon as their education ended.

That trend has been reversed with millennials – those aged 20 to 34 – now representing the largest group of city residents.

Millennials are everywhere – except at polling places on Election Day.

The candidates for mayor know that and are trying to solve a political puzzle vexing campaigns across the country:

How to get millennial voters, who previously have shown up in force only for historic events such as President Obama’s 2008 election, to pay attention to local campaigns?


 2. Ebola nurse suing Texas hospital where she contracted the disease

 A nurse who contracted Ebola at the Dallas hospital where she worked plans to sue the hospital’s parent company, Texas Health Resources, hoping to be a “voice for other nurses,” her lawyer said today.

In the suit, Nurse Nina Pham alleges that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital didn’t train the staff to treat Ebola and didn’t give them proper protective gear

Her lawyer, Charla Aldous, said Pham hopes the suit will “help make sure that hospitals and big corporations properly train their nurses and healthcare providers.”


3. LAPD Caught On Video Shooting Homeless Man To Death

Los Angeles police fatally shot a homeless man on Sunday in a disturbing encounter that was caught on video.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the man, whom witnesses called “Africa,” was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The incident, which occurred around noon in the city’s Skid Row area, was captured on video and uploaded to Facebook.

The officers were responding to a robbery call on the 500 block of San Pedro Street.


4. City of Cleveland Argues Tamir Rice Caused Tamir Rice Shooting

In court documents, the City of Cleveland formally denied responsibility for the police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, arguing his death was “directly and proximately caused” by his own actions.

Responding to the Rice family’s wrongful death lawsuit, the city listed 20 defenses against their claims, saying, in part, that “all injuries, losses, and damages complained of” were a result of Rice’s failure to “exercise due care to avoid injury.”

According to that lawsuit, police acted “unreasonably, negligently [and] recklessly” when they shot the boy carrying an airsoft gun in a Cleveland park last November. As evidence of the city’s negligence, the suit cites the Justice Department’s recent report on excessive force by Cleveland police and the hiring of Rice’s shooter, previously assessed by another police force as unfit for duty.


5. Wolf strips Green of SRC Chair

Gov. Wolf is stripping Bill Green of his chairmanship of the School Reform Commission.

Marjorie Neff will be the new chairwoman of the five-member governing body of the Philadelphia School District. Wolf will announce the move on Monday.

The move comes after a controversial SRC vote to approve five new charter schools. Citing district finances, Wolf had ordered Green to approve no new charters. Harrisburg Republicans had wanted up to 27 charters approved.

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