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Top 5 Live-February 11

Top 5 Live-February 11

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Top 5 Live –WURD Monday February 11
 1. School’s latest budget forecasts $80 million deficit

The news remains grim: Without major cash infusions from the city and state, the Philadelphia School District faces a deficit of roughly $80 million for the coming school year, officials said Monday night.

School Reform Commissioner Feather O. Houstoun, opening the discussion at a planning meeting, put it mildly: Despite a new Democratic governor who has expressed sympathy for the district’s plight, the 2015-16 budget is sure to contain “a lot of challenges.”


2. American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller is dead, family says

American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller is dead, the aid worker’s family and the White House said Tuesday. The announcement came four days after ISIS claimed the 26-year-old Arizona native had been killed by a coalition airstrike in Syria.

“We are heartbroken to share that we’ve received confirmation that Kayla Jean Mueller, has lost her life,” Mueller’s parents, Carl and Marsha, and brother Eric, said in a statement.


 3. NBC News anchor Brian Williams suspended 6 months without pay

 Brian Williams the NBC “Nightly News” anchor who falsely recounted a story that he was in a helicopter that was hit by ground fire in Iraq was suspended without pay for six months, according to an internal memo at the network.

The memo from NBC News President Deborah Turness, says an investigation into Williams is being conducted and Williams was notified on Tuesday.


4. Cop involved in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley has been indicted on manslaughter charges

 A rookie cop who shot and killed an unarmed Brooklyn man in an unlit housing project staircase was indicted for manslaughter Tuesday.

In a blockbuster grand jury decision, Peter Liang will face criminal charges that can send him to prison for up to 15 years for the death of Akai Gurley on Nov. 20.


5. Suit over fired Fox anchor’s use of ‘N-word’ gets green light

A racial-discrimination suit that involves use of the N-word filed by a white, former Philadelphia news anchor may finally be heading to a federal courtroom.

Tom Burlington, an award-winning TV reporter, claims he was fired by Fox29 for using the N-word — without malice — during a newsroom meeting, while black employees were not punished for using the same word at the station.

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