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For governor, Solomon Jones endorses Tom

For governor, Solomon Jones endorses Tom

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TODAY IS Election Day, or as I like to call it – Tom and Tom Tuesday. That’s right, my fellow Pennsylvanians. You have a choice in today’s gubernatorial election. You can vote for Tom . . . or you can vote for Tom.

This is not to say that the candidates are alike. They’re not. Especially when it comes to issues that concern a dad like me.

Issue number one is schools because, let’s face it, we’re not just raising a family. We’re raising a generation. So, if I browbeat my kids into good grades and great schools – because that’s what good parents do – the governor can still ruin it all. Because if state underfunding forces Bebe’s kids to go to Hoodie Elementary or Hooligan High, their chances of ending up in prison are even higher. And as adults, my kids will have to pay for that through taxes.

Tom Corbett understands that, because he’s been Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, and he’s also a sitting governor. And I put the emphasis on sitting.

He’s been sitting around coupling school underfunding with shiny new prisons so that Bebe’s kids have a smooth ride on the school-to-prison pipeline.
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