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The short skirt game: real or fake?

The short skirt game: real or fake?

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EVEN AFTER 14 years of marriage and two daughters, I have not quite grasped all the complications of women. I don’t feel bad, though. Most men go to their graves without understanding what makes females tick. But I’m different from those guys, because I’m willing to admit it. I’ll even go one step further. I’ll turn to my female readers and ask for help.

Help me understand the short skirt

Are women who spend all day tugging at their short skirts actually trying to call attention to them? We just want the truth.

I’m not trying to be mean here. I’m not even trying to tell women what to wear. I am, however, trying to understand something that has confused me for years.

Why do some women wear tiny skirts or shorts and spend all day trying to adjust them? Why not just wear something that fits the way you want it to fit and forget about it? If you want it really short, then go for what you know, but if you think your skirt is too short, why wear it in the first place? I mean, wearing clothes you think are too small is awkward enough, but pulling at your skirt while you’re walking just draws more attention to the fact that it’s too little. Unless …

Is the short skirt a game?

Could it be that women who spend all day tugging at those short skirts are actually trying to call attention to them?

Have we men been duped into believing the too-short skirt thing is an accident? Is it all an act to make us believe your clothes are too little, but you didn’t do it on purpose? Are we to believe it’s all one big misunderstanding?

Please help me to understand this phenomenon. Do women mean it when they try to pull their too-short clothing into place, or is it a carefully orchestrated con game? Inquiring minds want to know.

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