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No need to be angry, Solomon says chill out

No need to be angry, Solomon says chill out

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I OFTEN WONDER why Americans are so angry. From road rage to wife beaters, reality shows to gangsta rap, we are highly upset, and most of us don’t even know why.

I’ve seen little kids hitting their parents. I’ve seen parents hitting the sauce. And on more than one occasion I’ve seen myself on the verge of hitting the roof.

Maybe it’s the right-wingers bashing everything that helps the poor. Maybe it’s the left-wingers solving all your problems without consulting you. Maybe it’s the fact that the people in the middle are drowned out by the nuts on either side. Or maybe it’s just that our disagreements have caused us to abandon common decency.

Our cups of anger runneth over, and their contents have seeped down into the very foundations of our society. It’s sort of like the soda on the movie theater floor. Kinda sticky, kinda gooey, and if it sits there for a while, it kinda stinks, too.

That’s why I’m determined to help Americans alleviate their anger. That’s right. I’m going to hold up a mirror so we can see for ourselves how incredibly stupid we look.

To do that, I’ll need everyone to realize that I am, in fact, talking about you. I’m also talking about me.

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Solomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of and morning host on 900 am WURD radio. Click here to learn more about Solomon