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His marriage is going strong after 14 years, and thats golden

His marriage is going strong after 14 years, and thats golden

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LAST WEEK was my 14th wedding anniversary. That’s right, the big one-four.

I know 14 years isn’t a gold anniversary. It’s not even a silver anniversary, but maybe we could call it a copper anniversary, or a quartz anniversary, or a synthetic topaz anniversary. Why? Because divorce rates have doubled over the past 20 years among people older than 35, according to a recent study.

That means there are folks our age whose marriages don’t last 14 minutes, let alone 14 years. LaVeta and me getting this far is a big deal; so big that we should name our anniversary after a piece of jewelry you can find only on the Home Shopping Network.

That’s why I’m calling our 14th the Cubic Zirconia Anniversary. It looks just like a diamond; it just doesn’t cost as much.

Alas, we almost missed our Cubic Zirconia Anniversary celebration because both of us had forgotten about it until LaVeta’s cousin gave her an anniversary card and a gift. Once I saw the card, I did what any guilt-ridden husband would do. I told LaVeta that the sky was the limit.

She flashed a smile that said, “It’s cute that you want to do things we can’t afford.”

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