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Maria Quinones Sanchez talks soda tax with Solomon

Maria Quinones Sanchez talks soda tax with Solomon

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Philadelphia City Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez talks to Solomon Jones on Praise 107.9 about her resolution to study the effects of Philadelphia’s controversial soda tax and her bill that could phase out the tax in the city.

Soda tax proponents say the tax has health benefits for the city and provides free Pre-K for thousands of kids. Opponents say the tax disproportionately affects poor people of color.

The soda tax is prominently mentioned in the FBI indictment of union leader John Dougherty and Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon. The FBI captured text messages indication that Henon and Dougherty sought to use the tax to hurt a rival union that portrayed Dougherty in a negative light in a political commercial.

Photo: Maria Quinones Sanchez at the 2017 How To Make It In America Conference. By Philadelphia City Council / Flickr Creative Commons

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