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Living Marriage Boot Camp

Living Marriage Boot Camp

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APPARENTLY, WE tv has decided to take relationship shows to a new level. They’ve gathered the most outrageously dysfunctional people from reality TV, and they’re forcing us to watch them again.

They call it “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” and the premise is pretty simple: They put cameras on over-the-top people and subject them to contrived hardships. They’re exposed to electric shocks, they’re connected to lie detectors and, according to the trailer, there’s also fire involved.

Women hit their husbands and dare them to retaliate. Men throw things and storm off the set. People tell cameramen to leave them alone when they’ve signed up to be on camera. Apparently everybody cries a lot. Me? I cry, too, because although I don’t generally watch them, I’ve been able to tolerate the existence of reality shows . . . until now.

I could deal with the brides seeking Rodeo Drive dresses with Kensington Avenue money. I was OK with the couples who tramped through the woods and called themselves “Naked and Afraid.” I could even deal with Maury.

But “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”? This is beyond the pale.

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(Illustration by Richard Harrington)