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Ketanji Brown Jackson is every Black woman who ever nurtured me

Ketanji Brown Jackson is every Black woman who ever nurtured me

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After contentious confirmation hearings in the Judiciary Committee, the full Senate is expected to approve Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, and she’ll be one step closer to becoming the first Black woman ever to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.That will be a monumental achievement, but such feats aren’t accomplished without sacrifice. Black women are all too familiar with that reality, and Judge Jackson was reminded of that truth during confirmation hearings that were too often hostile.
Several Republican senators used the hearings as a platform to demean her as a Black woman and a judge, asking her ridiculous questions about irrelevant subjects ranging from critical race theory to the meaning of womanhood. They criticized sentencing decisions that were strikingly similar to sentences handed down by other federal judges. They seemed intent on reminding her that despite her qualifications and experience, she is still a Black woman. 

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Photo: Senator Warner meets with SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson By. Mark Warner

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