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Happy wife happy life? I put it to the test

Happy wife happy life? I put it to the test

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A WHILE BACK, a friend of mine, Iola Harper, mentioned an old Swedish proverb on Facebook.

“He who buys what he does not need robs himself,” she wrote. Then she inserted a hashtag that most of us can relate to: #Beenrobbingmyselfforyears.

I immediately thought of all the things I buy that I really don’t need:

* Cheesesteaks: I bought at least one per week until I went to the doctor and learned that my cholesterol was preparing for space flight.

* Hamburgers: Like cheesesteaks, I buy them frequently, although I can feel my arteries clogging as I chew.

* Starbucks coffee: I don’t need it – well, I kinda do, but if I admit my caffeine dependence, my wife will check me into coffee rehab. None of us wants that, so I sip my grandé Pike Place Roast while sitting quietly in the corner, and hope she doesn’t notice my trembling hands.

But I’m not the only spender in my house. There are, um … others.

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(Featured illustration by Richard Harrington)