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For Eagles Fan Solomon Jones, its 2013 all over again

For Eagles Fan Solomon Jones, its 2013 all over again

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I HAVE an admission to make; one I never thought I’d utter as a 47-year-old man. Please bear in mind that this is not easy for me, because I used to scoff at others for doing the very thing I’m going to share with you. But as difficult as this might be, I need to tell the truth about what I’ve become, and I need to do it before I change my mind.

Before I go there, however, I need to make one thing clear. None of this is my fault. It’s all because of Chip Kelly.

Had he not cut DeSean Jackson last year, the bitterness would have never taken root. However, when you get rid of the best deep threat in the league and get nothing in return, it does something to football fans. It changes them in terrible ways.

At first, the change in me was subtle. I’d get up from the couch and walk away from Eagles games before they were over – something I’d never done before.

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Photo: Eagles versus Redskins 12/20/14. Kieth Allison. Flickr Creative Commons

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