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The Family Man

The Family Man

THE FAMILY MAN chronicles the daily challenges and offbeat observations of an Essence-bestselling novelist who also happens to write award-winning family humor. By laying bare the comedic ups and downs of Solomon Jones’s life as a husband, father, and working stiff, The Family Man sheds light on the realities we all face while running the daily rat race. The column is expertly illustrated by Richard Harrington.

SJones 3.4.2014

Click to read “Solomon Jones and the Pothole of Doom.” Illustration by Richard Harrington.

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From the potholes left behind by the snow storms of 2014, to the madness of dealing with a cat who wormed her way in from the street, Solomon Jones keeps it real. Along the way, he makes readers double over with laughter.

Illustration by Richard Harrington

Click to read “Learning about women from my cat.” Illustration by Richard Harrington.

Click here to read more of Solomon’s award-winning family humor from the pages of the Philadelphia Daily News. Learn about the characters who shape Solomon’s outlook on life in the big city, from his wife and his children, to his insane cat, Styx.

Along the way you’ll laugh not only at Solomon. You might also get in a chuckle about yourself.

Click here to watch a hilarious video based on one of Solomon’s funniest Philadelphia Daily News columns, a sendup of School Candy sales called “The Candy Ring.”

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Before breaking in with the Daily News in 2005, Solomon wrote about family and home for the Philadelphia Weekly. Click the link below to listen to this hilarious story about the time Solomon learned the true meaning of marriage.

Daddy’s Home, an e-book from the Family Man

Daddy's Home: A memoir

Click to order Daddy’s Home: A memoir

Daddy’s Home is an ebook spanning a decade of Solomon’s columns. In one crazy story after another, Jones spirits readers along on a comical ten-year journey from wedded bliss to smelly diapers to panhandling toddlers and teens. Along the way, Jones reveals the links between fatherhood, weight gain and poverty—and manages to do so with love. Funny, endearing and true, Daddy’s Home is a loving tribute to marriage and fatherhood—a must-read for dads and the people who love them.

Click here to read more of the hilarious Philadelphia Daily News columns by Solomon Jones, and to see the original illustrations by artist Richard Harrington.

Click the video below to watch The Candy Ring, a funny short based on one of Solomon’s Philadelphia Daily News columns. The Candy Ring was optioned by NBC’s Peacock Productions.

solomon thumbnailSolomon Jones is an Essence bestselling author and award-winning columnist. He is the creator and editor of Click here to learn more about Solomon.