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Dead body a bad sign for Parking Authority

Dead body a bad sign for Parking Authority

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IT SEEMS that a slew of recent snowstorms covered everything in Philadelphia, including Nadia Malik, 22, whose body was found slumped in the front passenger seat of her Nissan Altima, partially hidden by clothing and a duffel bag.

Though there is no clear cause of death as police await autopsy and toxicology results, there is clearly reason for concern, because police and Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) officers piled parking tickets on Malik’s windshield, apparently as the mother of two lay dead in her car.

At least two of the tickets were issued at 23rd and Market streets, just blocks from where the car eventually ended up, near 30th Street Station.

Another was issued last Tuesday at 30th Street, as Malik’s body languished behind tinted windows. It was only after an anonymous call to police that someone actually looked inside the car and made the gruesome discovery.

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