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Daughter turns 13 … dad goes mad

Daughter turns 13 … dad goes mad

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EVE IS TURNING 13. That’s scary. Not zombie-movie, brain-eating scary, but scary just the same.

Why would I be afraid, you ask? Perhaps those of you without daughters are unaware of this, but there’s nothing in the world more dangerous than a teenage girl.

Let’s set aside the fact that when they reach teen status, their hormones go into overdrive, transforming them into Linda Blair from “The Exorcist,” complete with spinning heads, clammy skin and the voice of Barry White.

Let’s also forget that they become boy-crazy fanatics who are apt to fall for losers like Tyrone from 25th Street. The potential for that is there, of course, and while I don’t expect to get a full dose from Eve, I know I will get my share. That’s not to say she’s a bad kid. In fact, she’s been a model daughter. But let’s keep it real. In a few weeks she will officially be a teen, and at that point, it will be game on.

I know some of you who believe I’m overreacting. Well, let me tell you something. I have a 22-year-old daughter who trained me in the ways of teenage girls, and I still bear the scars.

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Illustration by Richard Harrington

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