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Living the New Year a Day at a Time

by Solomon Jones

I’ve often watched with curiosity as New Year’s Day arrived, and I’ve marveled at our desire to see a specific date as a new beginning.

Perhaps I’m naïve, or odd, or simply different, but New Year’s Day has never held much significance for me. It’s not an occasion to party. It’s not a time to start anew. It’s not a time for resolutions. It’s simply another day to be thankful.

I learned long ago to live my life as a series of days. Each one is different, and special, and real. Each one presents another opportunity to start over, and to set things right. I don’t know that I could wait a year to correct my mistakes. I make far too many to allow them to accumulate for that long.

For me, every day represents a new beginning. That’s reason enough to celebrate, and the perfect excuse to live joyfully.

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