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Her catting around is just tutu humuliating

Her catting around is just tutu humuliating

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I TOLD HER not to go outside dressed like that. If she did, she was not only inviting ridicule. She was asking to be verbally abused or, worse, attacked by some maniac on the street.

Of course she didn’t listen, not even when I tried to deliver the message through her fellow females. In fact, neither my wife, LaVeta, nor my daughter, Eve, were alarmed by the scandalous outfit. Truth be told, they were in favor of it.

“She should be able to dress however she wants,” they told me. “If the males have an issue with it, that’s their problem, not hers.”

“She’s going to get catcalls!” I said.

“She gets catcalls anyway,” they argued.

I totally disagreed, so I did what any good man would do. I blocked her way and kept her from leaving my house dressed like that. But she was sneaky about it. They all were.

They bided their time, waited for me to go to work, and then they did the inevitable. They dressed her in her pink and purple hoochie outfit, opened the door and sent her outside.

That’s right, boys and girls. They allowed our cat, Styx, to take to the streets dressed in a tutu that left very little to the imagination.

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