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‘You can’t take the black vote for granted’

‘You can’t take the black vote for granted’

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IT WAS DAY ONE of the Democratic National Convention, and liberal icon Rev. Al Sharpton stood with conservative commentator Armstrong Williams on the floor of Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. They were discussing the Democratic party’s propensity for taking the black vote for granted.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton can’t afford to do so. Not with the latest email scandal indicating that elements of the Democratic National Committee did indeed favor Clinton over Sanders. Not with Sanders supporters openly booing at the mention of Clinton’s name. Not with white union members speaking of their affinity for Donald Trump.

The black community, which united behind Clinton in the primaries, knows that Clinton cannot win without black support, and in black circles, both liberals and conservatives are united in one sentiment.

Black people can no longer give our votes away for nothing.

“You can’t take the black vote for granted,” conservative Armstrong Williams said to Al Sharpton.

“No you can’t take the black vote for granted,” Sharpton answered. “Clearly Trump is not even in double digits there. But you’ve got to turn them out and you’ve got to address our issues…”

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