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Taking candy from a baby

Taking candy from a baby

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TOH SMALL 11Dear Housewife: 

How do you handle the sweets battle? In essence, one parent is ready to introduce the child to sweets and the other believes in a more holistic lifestyle and feels sweets should be rationed.

– Taking candy from a baby

Dear Taking Candy:

I would probably be labeled as a bad parent after the following confessions. Promise not to call DHS. Our children were introduced to different types of food at an early age. Eve was eating fried chicken at the age of one! Solomon probably had his first taste of Rita’s Water ice a little before then. I ALLOW my kids to eat CANDY. There, I said it! However, they do not go overboard. Sometimes I think that more restrictions may result in overindulgence.

The decision to take candy from a baby

My obstetrician gave me some very sage advice when it comes to differing parenting techniques. She said this within the context of well-meaning relatives giving unsolicited advice to a new mom. She encouraged me to discuss my concerns with our pediatrician—the final court of arbitration. Pulling the medical professional card usually ends the discussion. So, my suggestion would be for the both of you to consult with your family dentist and pediatrician and agree to go with their decision.

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