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The road to hell is paved with apple fritters

The road to hell is paved with apple fritters

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I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again: The sticky buns made by the Amish at Reading Terminal Market are sinfully delicious.

They’re so good, I once considered running away with an Amish woman. I figured we could make a life for ourselves in Lancaster County, as long as she kept the sticky buns coming. But the more I thought about it, I knew it could never work.

How would I check the latest celebrity fashion snafu without my computer? How would I communicate with the text generation without access to my iPhone? How would I pay my bills if I couldn’t do it online? Would I have to – gasp – write out checks and mail them? That would never do.

Besides, I love LaVeta, Eve and Little Solomon way more than sticky buns. So I put the idea out of my mind and went on with my life. Until this past Saturday, when the Amish hit us with their apple fritters.

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(Featured illustration by Richard Harrington)

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