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Its always Halloween at Solomons house

Its always Halloween at Solomons house

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IT’S HALLOWEEN time again, and celebrities, like the rest of America, are playing along.

Well, sort of . . .

In truth, America’s celebrities celebrate Halloween all year round. How else to explain actress Renee Zellweger emerging at Elle’s Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration recently looking like some other chick? I mean, maybe she had plastic surgery, maybe she’s just living a healthy lifestyle. But do you have to wear a Halloween mask to live healthy? I think not.

Same with Kim Kardashian, the reality-show regular who picks up her kid from day care in a tuxedo jacket open to the navel. Surely that had to be an early Halloween celebration, because no one shows her private parts when walking into a room filled with small children.

And for those of you who want to say that I’m slut-shaming, I’m a dad. I wield shame like an emotional ax, cutting off misbehavior at every turn.

Here’s how it works:

Little Solomon brings home a second consecutive C (yes, consecutive C’s are worthy of discipline in my house). LaVeta informs me when I come home from work. I look at the test in pseudo-shock while deciding which form of discipline should apply.

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