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After spaying, time to pick up Styx

After spaying, time to pick up Styx

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A FEW DAYS before Christmas we took our cat, Styx, to the veterinarian to be spayed.

When she got home, the look in her eyes said, “You stole my womanhood.

It had to be done, of course. Every time Styx runs out the door with her eye on that dirty tomcat across the street, I picture her coming back pregnant. Not to mention her ruined reputation and the other cats calling her a hussy.

Having her spayed will alleviate those worries, but there are a million more concerns where those came from. I know the kind of trouble that comes with pets. After all, I’ve been through this sort of thing before.

It was May 2011, and my kids snookered me into breaking my no-pet rule to let them have tadpoles. For those who’ve never watched the Discovery Channel, tadpoles are baby frogs. They look like – and I’m using this description because it really is the only one that fits – black sperm.

Sound charming? No? I didn’t think so either …

CLICK HERE to read more. This column originally appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News

(Featured Illustration by Richard Harrington)